About Us


CARUSEL  is a PR boutique that understands clients have unique needs and specific expectations – decisive details guiding communication strategy and business development. In each client, we invest time and consideration to fully understand its market, specificity, philosophy, and differences. Next, we develop develop integrated communication projects and advertising campaigns by applying best skills, deep knowledge, vast experience, and effective creativity. Finally, clients meet their communication and marketing objectives.

Our Values


We communicate permanently, openly, and fairly.
We remove omissions smoothly.
We build realistic expectations.


We pool together different and complementary skills and knowledge.
We appreciate and respect individual areas of excellence.
We believe differences unite, not divide us.


We pool together different and complementary skills and knowledge.
We appreciate and respect individual areas of excellence.
We believe differences unite, not divide us.




Differences are good. It’s just a better way to complement our knowledge, skills and resuts. And only being complementary we can offer all essential services associated with a PR boutique, focussed on integrated communication and digital marketing.


We base our daring ideas on solid grounds. In order to increase the success ratio of our projects.

  • Image and brand audit
  • Communication audit
  • Corporate identity
  • Strategic marketing
  • Communication strategy
  • Editorial strategy

Everything is based on a ‘message’. The message, in its turn, depends on specific goals. Yes, nothing is random out of what we say or write; we don’t generate fancy, shallow or just commercial texts, we target our communication and set specific channels.

  • Media relations
  • Web content
  • Social media
  • Copywriting

We ground our memorable designs on taking the best of a company’s identity and differences that mark its place in a specific market. Thus we creatively contextualize the visuals.

  • Visual identity
  • Web design
  • Commercial design
Digital marketing

We daily read online news. We mostly watch online movies. We are on the verge on forgetting how is to handwrite. In a similar way, your brand lives, breaths, beats online.

  • Social media marketing
  • Web development
  • SEO
  • Digital Advertising
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Thank you for trusting us!

ATRA Doftana
IT Bright Solutions
Scoala de Sah
Lanto Communication
Exclusive Networks

We worked together with CARUSEL both website architecture, content but also revoewed the external communication approach.  Then we continued with external communication and telemarketing campaigns.  We are extremely found of them for their committment and creativity.

Dragos Popa

Managing Partner, EUSOR.RO

We were at our start-up phase, and working with CARUSEL was real inspiration and support: we developed ATRA communication concept and better defined our values. We built together PR Media campaigns that significantly grew our brand and notoriety.

Catalina Cioroba

General Manager, ATRA Doftana

Throughout the course of our collaboration, we had an excellent relationship and high-quality communication, the agency providing both consultancy support and execution assistance. The works and projects always met the requested timelines, and the outcomes fully met or even exceeded our expectations and demands!

Eugen Dusca

Sales Manager, IT Bright Solutions