CARUSEL is a PR boutique that understands clients have unique needs and specific expectations – critical details guiding communication strategy and business development. With each client, we invest time and consideration to fully understand its market, specificity, philosophy, and differences. Next, we develop integrated communication projects and advertising campaigns by applying best skills, deep knowledge, extended experience, and effective creativity. At the end of the day, our clients meet their communication and marketing objectives.

Each of us spends, almost half of our existence, in the mental space of our job. This is why we chose jobs that we love. With passion for our work, it’s easy to learn something each day. And to search and to find new ideas and solutions. With and by passion, we are highly rewarded for our work. Each of us, differently.



  • MA Communication and Public Relationship
  • Working in the field: since 1998
  • Major skills: consultancy communication
  • Soul projects: communication audit
  • Defintion: head above in the sky, feet on the earth
  • Dream city: Paris, English official language
  • Fears: lazy people



  • MA Foreign Languages
  • Working in the field: since 2000
  • Major skills: digital marketing
  • Soul projects: multi-channel campaigns
  • Definition: happy, creative, balanced
  • Dream city: any city with a large beach..
  • Fears: violence of any type




  • MS Energetics
  • Working in the field: since 2004
  • Major skills: corporate identity projects
  • Soul projects: visual identity
  • Definition: first degree originality
  • Dream city: Prague, 1894
  • Fears: mediocrity, clichés



  • MS Automatics
  • Working in the field: since 2001
  • Major skills: web design and development
  • Soul projects: web design
  • Definition: social autistic
  • Dream city: Bruges without tourists
  • Fears: talkative blondes driving a (white) SUV